Adrian Zee
1 min readDec 9, 2020


Dave & Busters

In Novels,
Authors have that one place.
It’s the place in their memory.
That their characters,
always return to.

Stephen King
Has a junkyard that he and his brother
used to always visit.
It became the landscape
of dozens of novels.

That place in my memory
Is not a junkyard.
Nor a beach.
Nor a coastal city with mountains,
that interlock with the sky,
like finger tightly bound to each other,
for the first time on a third date.

That place in my memory isn’t exciting.
It’s a Dave & Busters.
Beside an Ikea.
Beside a bunch of former farms.
Ready to become profit for land developers.

That Dave & Buster.
Our third date.
Where our fingers first tightly bound together.
Like how mountains that interlock with the sky,
in some coastal city,
Used by authors,
as the place in their memory,
that all their novels are based off of.